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Is Growth Gone?

In recent weeks, a slew of tech companies including giants like Alphabet, Apple, Meta, Tesla, and Microsoft have said they'll slow hiring while economic conditions remain uncertain.
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Recession, Or Not?

Euro Zone GDP Surprise - Looks like Euro Dollar parity wasn't meant to be. Last week, every Euro Zone country except Germany exceeded GDP expectations for 2Q22.
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$CME, Not $GME

We can all agree the markets are going crazy this year. The S&P seems to establish a new range every week, and can’t decide if it’s going up or down another 5%.
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Morgan Stanley Struggles?

We began this week with a timely deep dive into the latest Federal Reserve Annual Stress Test.
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Big Banks Lose Out

Last week kicked off 2Q22 earnings with banks like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, City Group, and Blackrock reporting mixed numbers.