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Yesterday, Charter Communications ($CHTR) got hit with an astronomical punitive fine after one of their repairmen murdered a customer whose home he was servicing in 2019. A brutal blow one day ahead of earnings.
Daily Nugget

Timber! - Woodland Products and More

It's finally here! Tendies has officially launched our new web experience, featuring all of our existing tools and capabilities.
Daily Nugget

This Might Be The Most Important Sector

For the last few weeks, we’ve been reviewing the merits of defensive sectors in a recession-resistant portfolio. We’ve already mentioned Consumer Staples, with stocks like Kellogg’s, Costco, and Conagra.
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Was That Rally for Real?

Two titans of Wallstreetbets, Martin Shkreli and Matt Kohrs are engaged in a battle to the death over who is the better trader. They each started with $50,000.