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Technical Research Briefing

Technical Research Briefing - September 5th, 2022

Technical research briefing on key indexes and commodities for the week of September 5th, 2022
Weekend Wrap

Too Many Payrolls

SPR Drawdowns - In a last-ditch effort to stabilize gas prices, the White House has released almost half of the Strategic Petrolium Reserve without any plans for replenishment.
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Alphabet Soup - $GOOGL

Alphabet's latest earnings results delivered a near miss after revenues grew by 12.6%, short of expectations.
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Amazon Under Jassy - $AMZN

Amazon ($AMZN) shares have falled 35% since Jeff Bezos stepped down last year to focus on personal projects (and yachting) and gave the post to his number two, Andy Jassy.
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The Metaverse Flopped - $META

Innovation is seldom a safe thing. Last week newly renamed Meta Platforms ($META) released its unusually disappointing 2Q22 earnings report.
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Is Growth Gone?

In recent weeks, a slew of tech companies including giants like Alphabet, Apple, Meta, Tesla, and Microsoft have said they'll slow hiring while economic conditions remain uncertain.
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Yesterday, Charter Communications ($CHTR) got hit with an astronomical punitive fine after one of their repairmen murdered a customer whose home he was servicing in 2019. A brutal blow one day ahead of earnings.
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$PKG Surprises Again

On Tuesday we mentioned Industrials and Materials as a possible “recession-proof” sector, citing its relative outperformance against the S&P 500, and the strength of its constituent subsectors.